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We are a community of artists, a household of brothers and sisters joined in faith, born of one vision – to reach a fallen world with God’s love through the universal language of music.

Residency Program

We are empowering a new generation. Young interns from around the country come together with Woodlands Music to develop and grow in a nurturing and challenging environment. Our goal is to partner with Christ in raising up the next generation of worship leaders who can share the love of Jesus with the world.

Woodlands Music Gathering

People might assume that churches don’t support each other, that they view other churches as competition. That’s not the case in our city. Woodlands Music is blessed to host and facilitate a monthly gathering of worship leaders from churches across our area, of all denominations. We worship together, encourage one another, and pray for unity and revival in our city.

AWAKENING is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music.


We are giving a new voice to worship in the global Church. Our desire is to create new worship music for the Methodist church that will resonate with every worship community around the nation and the world.

Woodlands Music Manifesto

We are equipping a new generation with talent and vision for worship; to develop vision and wisdom, to grow in excellence, striving forward to reach the future with God’s beauty and Truth.

We are giving new voice to worship in the global church; a musical movement that explores our daily rhythms, an awakening of the Spirit, the mysteries of the Gospel unfolding, the perfection of our faith in our journey to Christlikeness.